The Grand Pause

We're in a moment in time where we're being shown how essential it is to  s l o w  d o w n . In uncertainty lies opportunity. The physical world unfolds in response to the frequency of our consciousness, so while there is loss and suffering, we have the power to turn the outcome of this into something beautiful. We have a responsibility to do the internal work required to create a better world, a sustainable way of living. We have a responsibility to go within, expand consciousness, create space for deeper awareness.

How well can we let go of the comfort of what we knew, to give way for the next phase of evolution? How patient can we be with ourselves throughout this process? Do we allow ourselves to grieve without guilt? Do we allow ourselves to feel so we can heal? Do we allow ourselves to be with ourselves instead of reaching for external stimulus to fill a void? It's not a time for judgement - it's a time for observation. It's a time to reflect on the patterns that rule our lives. How do we react to triggers? Do we respond from our heart space? Do we consciously make the effort to fuel the changes we know will elevate our human experience? What narrative do we repeats in our mind in the face of adversity? How do we process uncertainty?

Control is an illusion that we have built our lives around. Allow this Grand Pause to teach surrender. Allow this Grand Pause to teach reflection. Allow this Grand Pause to guide you within and sit with the peace you long for.

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